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In Colombia, Martel is presented with many witness statements from the men Trujillo had sex with. When Trujillo was promoted to Rome, the reckless excesses went into overdrive. A Curia source tells Martel: He lived with us, here, on the fourth floor of the Palazzo di San Calisto, in a square-metre apartment, and he had several cars! He led a highly unusual life. You guessed it: And yet when he died, Benedict XVI gave the homily at the funeral mass.

I urge every Catholic to read it, however difficult that may be.


It will also be fascinating to see how the various factions within Catholicism will respond to it. Some liberals — the Jesuit Jim Martin and Frank Bruni — fret that this book provides the far right with all the ammunition they need to wage a new war on homosexuality in the church.

And the core thesis of the book — which is that it is the hypocrisy of the closet that is the real problem — is not one the right will be able easily to absorb.

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My own view is that all that matters is the truth. We should not be afraid of the truth about ourselves. Gay priests felt unable to report pedophiles or abusers or hypocrites because they too could be outed by the abusers and forced out. There is no vast organized conspiracy. There can be no meaningful reform until this closet is ended, and the whole sick, twisted syndrome is unwound. How do you do that? The crisis is so profound, the corruption so deep, the duplicity so brazen that only a radical change will help.

Ending mandatory celibacy is no longer an option.

Women need to be brought in to the full sacramental life of the church. Gay priests with integrity need to be defended as strongly as the hypocrites need to be exposed and expelled.

Francis is nudging the church toward this more humane and Christian future, but the more he does so, the more fervently this nest of self-haters and bigots will try to destroy him. As for me, someone who has wrestled with the question of homosexuality and Catholicism for much of my adult life, this book has, to be honest, been gutting. Everything I was taught growing up — to respect the priests and hierarchs, to trust them, to accept their moral authority — is in tatters. To realize that the gay closet played a part in enabling the terrible, unimaginable abuse of the most vulnerable is a twist my psyche is having a hard time absorbing.

Reading this long book, I found myself falling asleep not because it was boring. Au contraire.

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My mind and body kept shutting down. I went to Mass last Sunday to pray about this. My parish church has long been the Cathedral of Saint Matthew, where the child molester Cardinal McCarrick presided for many years, and who was succeeded by the proven dissembler Cardinal Wuerl. One is defrocked; the other has resigned in disgrace. Which cardinal? The rapist or the liar?

This may seem like hyperbole, but in my view, the last drops of moral authority the Vatican might hope to have evaporate with this book.

It is difficult to express the heartbroken rage so many of us in the pews now feel. In Sports, Biology Matters.

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Yes, Martina. A pioneering open lesbian who had an openly transgender coach in her glory years, who did more for gay visibility than any gay group ever has, is now being disowned by Athlete Ally, a New York—based organization that supports LGBT athletes. The reason? She argued in an op-ed that a trans woman who started out in life as male has an unfair advantage in sports over women who have never biologically male. But this is the current orthodoxy according to the widely read digital-media publisher PinkNews: If you take this argument seriously — that biology is entirely a function of gender identity — then the whole notion of separate male and female sports events is in doubt.

A trans woman should, in my view, be treated exactly as a woman — unless, as in this case, it clashes with biological reality. Yes, it sucks. But denying reality is stupid, can easily backfire, and will alienate countless otherwise sympathetic people. And note that if the Equality Act were to pass — a priority for Nancy Pelosi — it would be illegal to bar a trans woman from competing against biological females, as it is already in many states. It is even transphobic, I am now informed, for a gay man not to want to sleep with a trans man who has a vagina.

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But this is how deep the ideology runs. Once upon a time, the religious right would tell me that I should sleep with women because I might find the right one and finally be happy. Now the intersectional left is telling me something almost exactly the same. What has happened to this movement? Where on earth has it gone? Cuando le hago un beso negro le pone bien cachondo.. Que manera de ponerse en forma, flexiones y mamadas!

The Corruption of the Vatican’s Gay Elite Has Been Exposed

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