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The views expressed here are my own, and are in no way intended to represent the United States Marine Corps, Department of Defense or any of its components. View all posts by Matthew. I am so proud of you for taking him. I have learned so much from Col. Cammameyer and how this has been a stuggle for all of us. You are very much appreciated and have the right just like any other to have love and wanna share it.

First off, thank you for your tireless dedication and service to this nation. Secondly, I am proud that you are able to finally be yourself and express your love openly while still wearing the uniform. It was the hardest 2 years on my life. We were living together and I always wanted to take him to the squadron funtions, but I knew that would be the end of my military service.

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Brother, from working with you in the past I can honestly say you are one of the best Marine Officers I know and would serve again with you anywhere. Three cheers, brother! You already know how much I cherish our friendship, but I want you to know how much I cherish your mentorship. Sir; you have my respect and admiration. Thank you for your service to your country, your Corps, and your civilization. I have actually stopped arguing this issue with people who are anti-everything, anything, anyone because it becomes a circular discussion that inevitably ends up being about 2 issues — 1.

What it's like to be an openly gay US Marine

Sex 2. The Bible. Thank you, Capt. Phelps, for your leadership and service, both as a Marine and as a gay American. A man who speaks up for what he feels is right is a man who will defend a friend to the end. Blessings to you! Thank you for serving our country! I realize the courage it took. As a former Army infantryman I never understood why anyone cared about who the man next to me was having sex with. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Congratulations, good testimony. And welcome to the 21st century, man!

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Now, I have to ask…how far along is your home state into this century? Same-sex marriage became legal in most provinces in Canada through civil court decisions beginning in , and in The Government of Canada legalized same-sex marriage countrywide. He had no manners.

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Good luck, bonne chance, buena suerte, vaya con dios and a big Canadian Hey There! Make it good. Semper Fi! Thank you for your service and dedication to our country. I wish you all the best and admire your courage. You rock, and I salute you, Cartian Phelps! My position is this: Unfortunately, people are bigoted fear-riddled idiots, so they come up with all these policies.

Here in Brazil we saw how is hard to face it, revently Sergeant Fernando Figueiredo and Laci Marinho companion were arrested after taking relationship, Thank you so much for sharing your story. Wow, what an incredible story, and I commend you on your emotional strength and integrity. I, too, am a Marine officer, as was my partner. He was killed in Fallujah early in the war. The loss was devastating, but it was compounded by the policy that forced me to grieve privately. It felt like my heart was the epicenter of a magnitude 10 earthquake.

It just turned to liquid. No words can express the pain of grieving in silence, of not being able to speak of my ineffable pain. I wonder how many others had to do the same.

Marine corps dating rules

I went without a date, but I know my partner was there. I love him still. This brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for your kindness. After the repeal, I put his picture on my desk. That feels mighty good. I am so sorry to hear about your partner and how you were denied to grieve publically for him. I have been with my partner for 34 years now and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be in a relationship. It was something I dreamed about when I was in the military I hope you find the love that you need for the rest of your life.

So proud of you! I am glad to see DADT repealed.

Gay People In The Military

Thankfully, you can at least live your life honestly. Simper Fi. Fellow Marine.

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  • On Marines, equality, and my date to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball (Part 1).

And bi. Married hetero relationship. But yeah — I fell in love with some of my men; some of them under my command. A Sgt. But I never expressed it; I treated them fairly, just like everyone else.

I knew the rules. And I obeyed them. After all: I am a Marine. I kept my conduct — both on duty and off — professional towards my men. Even though there were some. I would have died for them, or them for me — in a heartbeat. You understand. But I would do that for any man — if I have to. You know the thing. But abuses occur anyway. Look at the male-female relationships. But everything else is up for grabs. It seemed to me those would make good fighting me, for love would be binding them all together. It would be a good thing, in my humble opinion.

But you never know. It might just happen. Take care, Marine. And thanks to all my fellow vets out there.

They were a troop of male couples that formed the elite force of the Theban army in the 4th century BC. For what lover would not choose rather to be seen by all mankind than by his beloved, either when abandoning his post or throwing away his arms? He would be ready to die a thousand deaths rather than endure this. Or who would desert his beloved or fail him in the hour of danger?

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