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He sent a messenger died before their sight in dreadful agony. Meet girls springfield il Sitemap.

Go ahead and sue, just get behind every other Google lawyer, idiot. Either way your an asshat. Go correct people somewhere else. Alerting the public that there are scum like this out there? That this jerk is putting people—gay, straight or otherwise—in danger because of his lack of common sense, morals, empathy, logic? Or because he deserves to be exposed?

Using your logic, there would never be any shows regarding the true colors of people. Go sit and spin. More corrections.. Good job. Sounds like Mrs. R has been cheated on and that makes all possible cheaters guilty lol. You want everyone to be aware of jerks like this? How would you feel if it came out that there was a scorned female ex that started this whole thing for no reason?? So you are careful what you type and know the definition of slander.


Good for you. Besides they are right with libel and defamation. I noticed you stopped correcting on legal terms at that moment. People like you are the worst.

You keep false news in the news without proof. Does this affect the general public in any way? I just wasted 5minites of my day reading this lol. He has a son and a family. He didnt break a law, hasnt been arrested so whats it to everyone! He is a descent human being who obviously made a mistake and now his child will have to pay the consequences of this scorned womens actions… I hope your happy with yourself.

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Feel better slinging someones name and career through the mud. Stay out of other peoples business!

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I know this guy and the ex girlfriend. The poor pathetic girl needs to scoop her miserable self up and get a life outside of her parents basement. This is not right. You are affecting more then just him. He has family, kids, parents, siblings that love him and care about him.

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It hurts them too. To be so self centered and scorned because you may have been lied to or cheated on that you want to destroy someones life. If you are going to say it then you need to back it up with your name. You are a coward in the way this is done.

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If he did lie to his wife or girlfriend then he has done nothing different then others have done to there wives or girlfriend when cheating with other women. I know him he and his family are good people. I have seen him cry while talking about his deceased wife. I know what it is like to loose a spouse and I know his tears where genuine.

You need to worry about child molters and rapist not this. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Sounds great right?

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